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A collaborative process to embrace the person you want to be and create the life you want to live.

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Become a Mentor
How to Apply

1. Download and fill out the application provided below.
New Mentor Application

2. Send your application to
Timir Banerjee, timirb@aol.com
with the subject "New Mentor".  

3. Request a training session using the email address or phone number provided in these instructions. We have several training options for new mentors including an in-home alternative.   

After backgrund checks and training are completed, new mentors will shadow our current, veteran mentors before faciliatating on their own
Background Check

For Local Community Centers:

Metro Parks Application


Mentor Curriculum Guides

Curriculum Grades K -2

Curriculum Grades 3 - 12

.''SPAVAFall2014.pptx''  Please note: You may have to use browser "Mozilla Firefox" or "Chrome".  IE probably will not work. 
Here is a link to download "Mozilla Firefox".  Scroll till you find the link to download Firefox.